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About the Artist
~ Tom McDaniels ~

Iron Range Designs sprung to life on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland in 1990. Owners, Tom & Julie McDaniels, gradually developed the business from wrought iron kitchen accessories through to custom designed architectural fittings, culminating in the husband and wife team moving into their present premises in Moffat Beach in August, 1999.

"As my designs evolved, so has the business. Initially we were manufacturing designer homewares through big name retailers throughout Australia, but now we have grown into designing stunning handrails and balustrading, gates, and security doors for some of the most impressive homes in South East Queensland," comments Tom.

Tom and Julie's shared passion is perhaps what gives Iron Range Designs the edge. They feel the same excitement now as the did when they first pioneered the business. In forming the business they were really going out on a limb. Tom had management experience in his home town of Santa Cruz, California, and Julie had a background in television with Channel 7 in Adelaide, but neither of them had operated their own business before.


But Tom has amazing patience, persistence and passion After initially having his designs manufactured elsewhere he decided it was time to learn the ropes, and with the help of skilled welders, he taught himself the art of blacksmithing. Tom is consistently updating his skills, learning computer- aided drafting, hot metal spray techniques, and attending blacksmithing workshops. Recently he completed a course working under master craftsman Tal Harris from the US.

"I'm really aware that I don't want to stagnate. I won't be interested in doing the same things that I am doing today," said Tom.

"People today are definitely looking for quality and individuality. They are searching for things that will set them apart from the rest; excellence in design with attention to detail. And that's what I love do to. My clients don't allow things to get dull because they have great imaginations and they know I'll help them satisfy their dream.


"I have created fittings with designs that incorporate everything from an albatross to golf balls, from a crocodile to wallabies. Steel is an amazing thing. It can be used anywhere, and looks fantastic, especially highlighted with the new metal finishes including copper, brass, and aluminium. There is no end to the array of sculptural pieces and fittings that can be created.

"Forging steel by hand is a time consuming process, but it is so gratifying when you finally get to stand back and view the end result. Whether it is the grand, sweeping balustrade full of intricate detail, gracing the foyer of a luxury home, of the funky copper and stainless steel gate opening onto one of the coast's more trendier homes, I love that moment."




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